Italian Chairs and Seating

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Noblesse Collection Dining Chair

The Noblesse Collection Formal Dining Armchair

Chair GV894/S

Chair GV896/S

Classic Italian Dining Chair GV771 Silver

Chair GV835/L

Classic Italian Dining Chair GV784/S

Classic Italian Armchair GV784/P

Classic Italian Armchair GV899/P

Chair GV890/S

Chair GV888/S

Chair GV2113/S

Chair GV851/S

Chair GV708/S

White Lacquered Side Chair GV900/S

Italian Dining Side Chair GV784/S/INT

Italian Dining Armchair GV784P/INT

Chair GV889/S

Italian Dining Side Chair GV712s

Italian Dining Armchair GV713p

Classic Italian Dining Side Chair GV885/S

Classic Italian Dining Armchair GV885/P

Chair GV 886/S

Classic Italian Dining Armchair GV895/P

Armchair GV 886/P

The Alessandro Collection Italian Armchair GV879/P

Classic Italian Dining Chair GV895/S

The Migliori Collection Italian Side Chair GV841/S

The Alessandro Collection Italian Side Chair GV879/S

The Migliori Collection Italian Armchair GV841/P

The Renato Italian Dining Side Chair GV811/SA

The Renato Italian Dining Armchair GV811/CSA

The Isabella Dining Collection Armchair GV891/P

The Leonardo Dining Collection Side Chair GV891/S

Classic Italian Armchair GV846/P

The Georgio Collection Italian Armchair GV852/P