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Noblesse Collection Dining Table 98″ with Two 20″ Extensions

Aragosta 584 Large Table

Aragosta 583 Small Table

Tuscan Farm Table GV1199

The Leonardo Collection 118″ Shaped Dining Table with “Mother of Pearl” GV1260

The Michelangelo 158″ Shaped Dining Table GV1247

The Isabella Dining Collection 138″ Extendable Dining Table GV1267

Small Rectangular Table MA615

Small Rectangular Table MA691

Table Art. 621

Louis XVI Nesting Table MA832

Louis XVI 72″ Dining Table with Inlay MA874

Lem Coffee Table Z0030300

Lem Coffee Table Z0030200

Lem Coffee Table Z0030100

Traces Dining Table Z0290100

Formal Italian Dining Table GV1209

Formal Italian Dining Table GV1247

The Ferdinando Collection Formal Rectangular Dining Table GV1209/M

The Franceso Collection 98″ Lacquered Italian Dining Table GV1266/L – Extending

Italian Console GV2059

The Leonardo Collection 158″ Shaped Dining Table with “Mother of Pearl” GV1260

The Abazato Italian Dining Table GV1209i

Talent Marble Dining Table

The Migliori Collection 98″ Formal Italian Dining Table – GV1238